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Civil Mechanical Engineering Electrical Electronics IEEE Projects

AZEEMO was created to provide digital copies of :

  1. Civil engineering projects: There are a lot of civil projects here which includes structural analysis projects, urban & roads design projects, survey projects,..etc.
  2. Mechanical engineering projects: AZEEMO has different types of mechanical projects including HVAC projects, fire fighting projects, heat exchanging...etc.
  3. Electrical engineering projects: AZEEMO provides electrical engineers with variety of electrical projects like electrical installations
    projects, automation projects.
  4. Electronics projects: there are electronics projects in fields of
    mobile enhancement, programming, data security...etc.

We have about five to six new engineering projects added weekly, this works as an engineering projects ideas bank for the majority of engineers.
Electrical projects ideas, mechanical engineering projects ideas, electronics projects ideas will be found in full details on AZEEMO.
AZEEMO also has a variety free electrical projects, mechanical projects, electronics projects & civil projects
Just click on this icon on the project page & you will get it.

Description: download full free projects

What Services and products we offer

Mechanical projects

Fire Fighting System
Energy Storage, Compressed Air Storge
Mechanical Engineering, Central Air Conditioner
Heat Transfer , Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger Design, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design Software

Electronics projects

Microcontroller, Mining Robot
Linear Induction Motor, LIM, &, PLC Control
Electrical Projects, Electronics Projects, Wind Farm, Free Projects
Color Detection,by, PLC, HMI
WSN Based Communication System for Quad-copters

Electrical projects

Design of Electrical Installations
Microcontroller, Mining Robot
SCADA, Water Treatment Plant Design, Plant Automation
Electrical Installation, Building Automation
Substation Design, Transformer, Power Distribution
Electrical Installation, Industrial Building, Commercial Building
Electrical Projects, Electronics Projects, Wind Farm, Free Projects
Earthing, for, substations
Lean Manufacturing
Design and Control of Linear Induction Motor Applied for Moving an Electric Train Car

Civil structural projects

Raft Foundation
Structural Analysis With SAP Calculation for a Concrete Building (Reinforced Concrete )
Structural Design Drawings for 4 Story Residential Building (Reinforced Concrete )
Structural Analysis, SAP Calculation, Concrete Building
Concrete Water Tanks, Residential Construction, Structural Analysis
Structural Analysis, Multi Story Building

Automation projects

Water Purification Plant Via SCADA System
Microcontroller, Mining Robot
Design and control of linear induction motor applied for moving an electric train car
Electrical Installation, Building Automation
Color Detection,by, PLC, HMI


Design of Concrete Buildings for a Factory , High Tank & Commercial Residential Building
Electrical Projects, Electronics Projects, Wind Farm, Free Projects
Structural Design, for, Residential Building
Heat Transfer , Heat Exchanger

Civil survey projects

Survey Project, for University Site

Airport & roads civil projects

Airport Design, Road Design, Urban Roads, Rural Roads

Computer projects

DES , AES, PGP, Email Encryption

 Civil Mechanical Engineering Electrical Electronics ieee Projects

more details
Water Treatment Plant With SCADA Automation
Raft Foundation